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Welcome to Sanghavi Realty. As pioneers in modern living since 2007, we craft homes and commercial spaces with a resolute commitment to quality, innovation and Vastu-compliant living.

Sanghavi Realty, guided by the esteemed Chairman Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi, epitomizes a visionary redefinition of living spaces through innovation, sustainability and a client-centric approach. With a remarkable 40 years of experience as a renowned cardiologist, Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi’s commitment is evident in seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, integrating eco-friendly practices and maintaining transparent, trustworthy relationships with clients, setting Sanghvi Realty apart in the real estate industry.

Beyond the construction of buildings, each project becomes a personal dedication to excellence for Dr. Mahesh Sanghavi, transforming dreams into realities. Sanghavi Realty, signifies a commitment to crafting enduring spaces that inspire, innovate and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Dr. Sanghavi brings qualities such as punctuality, transparency and honesty to the forefront of Sanghavi Realty’s operations.

At Sanghavi Realty, Mr. Sidhartha Sanghavi, the founder, is devoted to more than just construction; he envisions the creation of homes, communities and a lasting legacy. With a thoughtful approach that always considers the future, he ensures that each project reflects his undying commitment to quality, sustainability and the timeless principles of Vastu-compliant living. Mr. Sidhartha Sanghavi is dedicated to crafting spaces where families flourish, connections deepen and life unfolds in its most beautiful way.

Mr Sidhartha Sanghavi brings traditional values into modern living by introducing Vastu-compliant setups in every project undertaken by Sanghavi Realty. His visionary approach sets a standard for harmonious and balanced living, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of residents. Additionally, he is deeply considerate of clients’ convenience, ensuring that every aspect of the project is designed with the utmost thoughtfulness.


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